Sunday, 18 December 2016

Top Ten Tips for Winter Care everyone should follow

Winters are here. and So we are as well.  We all love the winter season because of new winter wear clothes, different food etc
But we do not want our skin to get affected because of low humidity and dry air.
 So we are here with top ten winter care tips every one should follow.

1. Showers - Dont take long and Hot showers. A Big NO for steamy bath. The water for shower should be luke warm. If you use hot water it will damage and dry your skin. Do not go out immediately after the shower, there will be temperature difference and you will catch cold.

2. Moisturizer - you should choose your moisturizer as per your skin type and preferably the Cold Cream. Apply moisturizer atleast twice a day in the morning and at nights. Vitamin E is one of the best moisturizer i personally recommend . You get Vitamin E Capsules in the market. At night when you are applying the moisturizer mix one capsule to it specially recommended for normal to dry skin. Use the capsule once or twice per week only. Avoid alcohol based cleansers.
Use DIY Masks with Honey not more than twice a week.

3. Hair Care -  Oiling is must for hair all through the year but in winters special attention is needed.
   Apply hot oil (Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil / Castor Oil or any other oil that suits you) to your hair at night. You can apply hair mask once a week for moisturizing your hair. Hair mask like Egg white and oil mixed or banana mask.(Check our detailed Blog on Hair Masks)

4. Hand Cream and Lip Balm - Keep a hand cream and lip balm preferably Vaseline jelly ready with you in your bag and use it frequently. Otherwise your hands / Lips get dry and rough in this season.

5.  Exposure to Environment -  Try to cover your full body including head , hair, foot and hands. Harsh cold winds for longer periods on skin makes it dry and rough.

6. Hot Drinks  - Switch to Hot green Tea, Ginger Tea , lemon tea and Soups. Avoid cold / chilled drinks in winters. Drink a lot of warm water for hydrated skin. A Must do thing in winters.

7. Make Up - Winters are the best season for heavy and smoky make up on your face.
 The smoky eye make up, Bright Cherry or blood red colors on Lips and nails, Nice Hair Buns, curls,
Pink Blush on the cheeks looks are awesome in winters.

8. Foot Care -  We all know in winters are bad for skin and so it is for foot as well.
  You can use glycerin mixed with lemon juice and rose water . Apply it at night every day on as foot cream. Wear socks everyday. Do not expose your foot to the harsh environment and see the results.
The above solution of glycerin is my personal experience.

9. Soaps - Do not use any soap on your skin in winters. Use all moisturizer based soaps / even shower gels. Like Dove, Johnson's baby soap and Dove shower gels or any other moisturizer based .

10. Eat Healthy - Stay away from too much fried and spicy food. otherwise it will result in break outs in skin. Choose healthy food like veggies, Fruits like oranges etc.

We hope the above tips would be of great help to you all beautiful women.
Do give us feedback in the below comment section or you need any special question or any blog to be written for you.

Stay healthy and stay beautiful.

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