Sunday, 16 October 2016

Lipstick Lovers for you we have Some Intresting Facts

Lipstick Lovers for you 
we have  Some Interesting Facts…

ü You know women who wear lipstick daily (even on sick days!) unintentionally eat about 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime.
ü According to a study called the “Lipstick Effect” women increase their desire to buy lipstick during economic recessions because of the decreasing number in quality mates.
ü Lipstick sales also tend to go up on gloomy or rainy days! But can you blame us?
ü Not a big surprise here 70% of men polled think RED Lipstick is SEXY.
ü We can say that good things always comes in small packets that why while KISSING
ü Guys also eat your sexy lipstick and we left behind their Lips, shirts, neck….
ü We leave 5% of our Lipstick behind our drink glasses, coffee mug, water bottles, forks, spoons
ü 90% of women feel that wearing lipstick makes them feel better and don’t do it to attract men.
ü Without Touchup 70% women can’t go in Public area.

Kiss is not a just a Kiss..

ü  Smooching may be a bit of a lost Art today because today’s fast paced Lifestyle to forget that we should slow down and take the time to enjoy every single movement.
ü  Taking time to “SMOOCH” can create an enjoyable yet intimate,”Kiss is not a just a Kiss” it’s a magical connection between you and your partner. Just feel it.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Lips…

ü  When testing lipstick in a store apply it your fingertip of your palm or wrist because your finger tip is a closer match to your natural lip color.
ü  Make sure your lip liner is in the same color family as your lipstick.
ü  If you want to make your lips look FULLER, apply a light concealer or lip liner in the “V” at the center top of your lip and feather it out.
ü  If you want to make your lipstick long lasting, apply one coat, blot it and then apply another coat. Blotting the first layer of your lipstick will remove any excess oils that may be in it. You will get matte finishes on your lips longer for that beautiful lip look.
ü  If you want to remove lipstick stains then use toothpaste, Apply toothpaste to the stain rub it before you add that piece of clothing to your wash cycle.
ü  If your lips are dark due to smoking, excess coffee, tea then try these tips for lightening your lips.  1) Apply lime juice once a day and leave it for 15-20 min’s (2) Apply toothpaste and leave it on your lips while you’re in shower. (3)Use petroleum jelly at night on your lips.   

Choose Lipstick To Match Your Outfit

§  Blue colored outfit: Go for a light pink if it a light blue and a mild red if it close to a darker blue.

§  Red colored outfit: Go for brownish or peachy shade to get the best out of the look.

§  Pink colored outfit: Go for light pink or transparent gloss. But when it comes to a lighter pink outfit then go for a bold color.

§  White colored outfit: Go for any color weather it red or pink or brown, it will look great.

§  Black colored outfit: Go for red or orange lipstick. Trust me, all eyes will be on you.

§  Green colored outfit: Green is a very tricky color, So when it comes to lip color, you need to be extra extra careful. My idea of a perfect lipstick for a green outfit is a peachy nude. Elegant and beautiful.

§  Yellow colored outfit: Yellow outfit is equal to red lipstick. I know both are bold shade.

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